Thursday, June 23, 2005

Music Dork Meme

Looking at Wayne's comments on the Six Degress of Reggae Riddims I realized he tagged me with the music dork meme that is going around (I can't wait to map this!). It seems particularly appropriate given the comment on Blood and Fire about me -- "Too much nerd a gwaan." Alrighty then. Busted. Here is my latest.

The brain: Lovingly adorned with some recent selections.

Total volume of music on my computer: I have not caught the IPod bug yet being a true vinyl junkie, so I actually don't use my computer for playing songs as much as for making them. 13 gigs in my ITunes folder and 4 gigs in my Sounds folder that contains all my samples. Then I have a Lacie 160 gig external hard drive I use for ProTools files which has 127 gigs of various sound files and backups. Call it 150 gigabytes of music files of ALL KINDS but only around 14 of mp3s.

Last CD I bought: Since I mostly buy records, it's somewhat rare, but the last CD I bought was the DJ Wicked wicked mixtape Got Milf? I heard it at new Cambridge hip hop outpost Massive Records (who are poised to blow up with in store visits from KRS-1 etc.) and had to have it!

Song playing right now: The record just ended. So nothing. But just a minute ago, it was Laguna Oreenee by Slim Gaillard. The more I listen, the more I agree that he was one of the first b-boys for sure.

Five things I have been listening too a lot lately:
1. Ever since Amerie's 1 Thing flipped that break from the Meter's track Oh Calcutta, my gal Carey and I have been on a Meter's kick. Their Very Best of the Meters CD has been running in the car going on 2 weeks now.
2. Minute Men. Double Nickels on the Dime. Man, George Hurley's drums on this record were so TIGHT.
3. Rik Rue. Sound Escapes. RRRecords in Lowell, MA. This strange cut up and tape manipulation record is a future scratch classic for sure.
4. Wings. Wild Life. Panned at the time as sloppy and lame. McCartney was apparently influenced by Dylan's fast production and created this sleeping masterpiece of loose 70's rock goop. I have been loving it.
5. Old school hip hop! I have been getting ready for our big hip hop history party on July 30 with Wayne&Wax, DJ Flack, DJ C, Critical Breakdown, DJ Yamin, Brick Casey, Def Rock and others So I have been watching Wild Style, etc a lot. This clip is Cold Crush from the Dixie Scene. Does that sound like a ragamuffin style "get on the mic wit ya rhymes galore" from JDL of Cold Crush at the end there? If so, the oldest commercially released toasting over hip hop beats I have found yet.

So, let's hear from:


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