Monday, May 23, 2005


Welcome to the LOVE BLOG.

I'll be using this spot to post shorter entries, make announcements and generally keep you updated on developments at LOVE. Our permanent digital "stacks of wax" are There are a few great new developments at LOVE that deserve mention.

Last week we received a grant from the Somerville Arts Council to produce a Hip Hop History (H3) block party. This will be a wonderful kick off event for LOVE as the Hip Hop Nation is one of our core constituencies. The event will feature a series of sets featuring DJs, MCs, dancers, graffiti writers and video artists all collaborating to represent the evolution of Hip Hop. It is also our first grant! Very exciting. Thanks to amazing photographer Robert Rosenheck for letting us use an image from his Love Book. (If you have not seen this book, you need to!)

Equally wonderful, Steve Provizer of The Citizens' Media Corps has agreed to serve as our fiscal agent. We have already received several in-kind contributions of Internet hosting and vinyl. Now we can now offer tax deductions to our contributors. Please contact us if you want to make a donation.

In August, I will be performing under the banner of the Library of Vinyl Experience at the Academy of Management's Fringe Café in Hawaii. I will be talking about how DJs operate as an action research community and using this case to make connections between organizational network and action research theories.

Finally, the latest LOVE website is up including a link to this LOVE Blog and two new pages of "wax". I look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts about any and all of this!

Stay tuned for some new tracks coming soon.


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Nice dude! Another thing to read on my spare time - very cool!


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