Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Reagan Flexi-Jam

I wanted to see if I could get myself to do a really short post. So here's my new track: The Reagan Flexi-Jam. Its basically a live DJ mix of a classic Reagan cut-up flexi-disk from 1981 called Reagan Speaks for Himself.

Originally created by Douglas Kahn (who is now the Director of the Technocultural Studies Department at U.C. Davis) using plundered Reagan vocal material, this crazy little gem was released in Raw Magazine Vol 1. 4. Here's a cool WFMU blog with more info on this and other Reagan cut ups and an Indy Magazine, Winter 2005 article on the history of Raw Magazine.

Since we seem to be in some dark parallel time warp with Star Wars nostalgia running high and the white collar plunder-thon in full gear, it seemed like a good moment to remix this Reagan cut up. The track here was done live on two decks with a breakbeat record and the Reagan Speaks for Himself flexi-disk. I did edit out a few long sections, so it is not TOTALLY live. But it sounds more edited than it really is because that darn flexi-disk was skipping like crazy (i guess I forgot to put the penny on it). You ever tried cutting with a flexi-disk? It skips like mad, dude.



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