Thursday, May 26, 2005


Have you been wanting to use the Internet to make some funky beats? Now you can. Here are some killer on-line beat boxes to keep you bouncin'.

Sheepbeats is a Flash site created by my pal Becca Nesson. Its Roland 808 programming meats Old McDonald! Baadassss! Baa ram ewe! The Beaterator and Rhymerator from let's you make your beats on an old school beat machine and even gives you help with the rhymes. The BBC (oddly enough) has a whole virtual studio including a step sequencer and a Fatboy Slim Remix game. If you want to move into the realm of the 8Bit Peoples (cc) and other gamebeat makers, check out the Beat Machine from Dimmen's Games which seems similarly abstract to me. (Can you imagine making your beats on a Game Boy?)

If you need the real thing, check out The history of the beatbox at Broadway Music (where I lifted the logo above) or the vintage synth explorer for starters. But the ultimate old school beat box site is probably the one at the keyboard museum (an organization after my own heart for sure).

For the final solution, has anyone made a nickelodeon that plays sample triggers? The closest I can think of is the Monkey Drummer video by Chris Cunningham. Let's get on that one people.
Wayne checked in and pointed to some additional info about Sheep Beats etc. on his righteous blog. Get the backstory behind the farm beat flash ap that swept the Internet!


Blogger wayne&wax said...

thanks for the compendium, pacey. great stuff--and not just wifey's!

i linked to some other flashy fun spots in a post last fall:

6:08 PM  
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