Wednesday, May 25, 2005

College Radio Rules! / tag / vinyl Was sent to me by David Crawford who quickly followed up with which emphasized the connection between Hip Hop and radio archives! Somehow all this reminds me radio rules!

First of all. It was the college friends (and the friends of the college friends -- like David) that really helped many of us lock in our budding high school vinyl addictions. Moreover, college radio remains a bastion of non-commercial broadcasting in the face of increasing media consolidation.

Since I am a graduate student at Boston College, I need to give some respect to my own local station WZBC. Some of their documentation suggests that WZBC was the first station in the country to have a Hip Hop show (???). At the bottom of the page under random factoids they state, "our DJ Magnus (Monday nights 7-10 PM) was the first DJ in Boston to play Hip Hop on the radio, and the first DJ in the country to have a Rap/Hip Hop show". I need to do some beat research here because it seems so strange given the emergence of Hip Hop in NY. But I was reminded that Magnus used to tell me he had the first Hip Hop show in Boston (which I thought was cool enough when I worked with him at an antique store in the late 1980's). Also, Boston was an "early adopter" of Hip Hop and WZBC was always out ahead of the curve so I guess it is possible that no one in NY got a show first. I would love some clarification here if anyone has it.

Later, I wound up playing old school Hip Hop on WZBC on the Beyond the QE2 radio show with DJ Duo "the skipper" and Carlos B "the navigator" (pictured below on left with me at the decks) and remembered Magnus at the helm on Dub Hop with undergrads reading poetry over rare dubsides. Hmm.

Moreover, all the Beat Research kids like DJ Ripley, Wayne and Wax, Flack, etc.////have been on there. While you are at it. What is up with the Book of SFX crew on WZBC? Some mad found sound archivery for sure. Last but not least, WZBC was the one time home of Yamin's Beats Not Bombs show and is the current home to Brian Coleman's killer Funk to the Folks/Schoolbeats show on Mondays. Since Brian is also the author of the new book Rakim Told Me (which is next on my list after Joe Shloss's massive Making Beats) I must give huge respect to WZBC and all college radio for its continuing non commercial potential. Whew.

In any case, the college connection with David is that he and I used to live in Fort Point with this cat Morgan Cohen who went to Hampshire with this dude who does this site (an incredible internet radio archive of audio madness that I have been wanting to share).

Its all about the networks. And media. Don't belive me? Heard of Googlezon?

That ought to convince 'ya.


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